A year with a Balkan theme

In 2015, Dialogos highlights the mysterious and bewitching South Slavic countries. In collaboration with the traditional Dalmatian vocal ensemble Kantaduri, we just finished recording our program Dalmatica at the Fondation Royaumont near Paris (CD release planned for 2016, on the Arcana label)

Dialogos in residence in Saint-Maur-des- Fossés

Dialogos has created a medieval music program for the students of the Early Music Department and the youth choir of the Saint-Maur-des-Fossés conservatoire

Recording at Fondation Royaumont

Ensemble Dialogos and the vocal ensemble Kantaduri will record the program "Dalmatica" at the Fondation Royaumont from 23rd to 27th March 2015 (Arcana label, Outhere Music).

Dialogos and the Schola Royaumont

Watch the video trailer of our performance "Speculum maius" at the Fondation Royaumont on 20 September 2014.