Success of Heretical Angels in New York

We are pleased to share with you excerpts from the press reviews of our two concerts at the White Light Festival organized by the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts in New York.

Judith receives the Award of the Varaždin Festival

Our performance of "Judith" at the Varaždin Baroque Festival has been awarded the festival's main prize. The award unites the most accomplished musicological research for a concert programme and the best performance.

A New York premiere of "Heretical Angels"

After our concert at the BOZAR in Brussels,  "Heretical Angels" will be premiered in New York at the White Light Festival in Lincoln Center on October 20th and 21 this year

A year with a Balkan theme

In 2015, Dialogos highlights the mysterious and bewitching South Slavic countries. In collaboration with the traditional Dalmatian vocal ensemble Kantaduri, we just finished recording our program Dalmatica at the Fondation Royaumont near Paris (CD release planned for 2016, on the Arcana label)