Music Education

As the result of a fruitful partnership between Dialogos, the Fondation Royaumont and the city of Saint Leu d'Esserent, Dialogos singer Sandrah Silvio has been working on an educational programme with teenagers from the town. 12 and 13 year olds will present their work in introduction to Dialogos concert

"Histoire(s) made in France"

Discover a TV sequence on Dialogos in the documentary film "Histoire made in France", broadcast on 11 March 2014 on ARTE TV channel

New programme: Speculum maius

In the year 2014, which celebrates the 800th anniversary of the birth of Saint Louis, the ensemble Dialogos and the Schola Royaumont will embark on a project to reveal the astonishing musical heritage of 13th-century Paris.

New volume in the collection Paléographie Musicale

The antiphonary conserved in the archives of Benedictine abbey at Monte Cassino is one of the oldest witnesses to liturgical office chant from 12th-century Southern Italy, and contains some elements from the local tradition of Beneventan chant.