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An atmosphere  of increasing intensity, like the pulsation of a shamanic drum, allowed the audience to experience a concert in which languages ​​and different musical cultures form an incredible soundscape [...]. The concert aroused the interest of the public who filled the Romanesque abbey of San Basilide.

Gazzetta di Parma

Weltmusikalisches Euroclassic-Konzert im Hornbacher Fabianstift

Dialogos combines knowledge based on musicological research with elements of theatricality and musical expression. [...] Katarina Livljanic's full voice and the subtitles in German evoke the traditional representation of an opera. [...] The dialogue also unfolds in an original way: different passages of the legend are presented in six languages by Katarina Livljanic. A dialogue between different languages and cultures takes place, but also between religions, medieval and modern musical cultures. The audience applauded a long time after the end of the concert.

Merkur, de Katja May, 21. 09. 2015

Telling this story in a concert was not easy. Instead of a traditional approach, Dialogos has chosen a new and very interesting presentation. The audience experienced a story created as a mosaic from various sources and pieces. But the real impact of the evening was not so much in the complexity of texts but rather in haunting and meditative music. The reconstruction of music and instrumentation from the ancient sources was a major creative project. A project that Dialogos has accomplished in an excellent way. Katarina Livljanic's voice was ideal. With great emotion, she performed the stories: by the power of her singing, we could already guess the contents of mysterious texts. [...] A long applause for this excellent interpretation and a fascinating lesson on medieval legends.

Rheinpfalz, de Stephan Folz