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The seven singers know how to give an extraordinary force to this neglected repertoire.

Le Monde (Rencontres du Thoronnet)

We are filled with joy by this magnificent disc, in which every piece offers a new surprise (one must admire the care taken in varying the expression from strophe to strophe), and in which the singers vie with one another in expressiveness and sincerity.

Le Monde de la Musique

Dialogos discovers new ways to bring these repertories to life: through a very unique composition of its members, with singers coming from different cultures and traditions, through preparing programmes in a form of an 'atelier' where the collective energy creates a constant plural unity which emphasizes the bond between singer and actor. Livljanic founded this ensemble of women in 1996. Their interpretation and execution are outstanding. Some of the pieces involve polyphony of a primitive sort, such as the genealogy from the beginning of St. Matthew's gospel.


In these pieces as well as the liturgical selections, Katarina Livljanić's ornamentation and rhythmic interpretation are extremely convincing. Her skills as both musicologist and performing artist combine to create a truly superior recording.


Thanks to the emotions which they are capable of arousing, the singers, luminous and full off complicity, help us to discover and love a musical heritage which emerges bit by bit from obscurity.

La Vie

Passionate and word-sensitive, these performances reinstated the details of Christian ritual with spontaneous energy. Technically, every note fell into its rightful place in a continuity of meaning rooted in beauty of tone.

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