The violinist, fiddler and composer Albrecht Maurer studied violin at the Musikhochschule Köln and taught himself the piano, which he then later studied. In addition, he pursued the study of non-European tonal systems and computer music. He gathered his experience with new and experimental music through work with composers from the Kagel "school", including Maria de Alvear, Carola Buckholt, and Manos Tsangaris. In the 90s, Albrecht Maurer started to compose chamber music for jazz musicians as well as for different chamber groups.

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In Jazz he performed with Theo Jörgensmann, Kent Carter, Lucian Ban, Mat Maneri, Wolter Wierbos, Benoit Delbecq, Steve Argüelles, Klaus Kugel, Bobo Stenson, Norbert Stein, Carla Bley, Charlie Mariano, Karl Berger, Lauren Newton, Kate Westbrook, Barre Phillips and many others. Albrecht Maurer plays Medieval Music since 2004. He played in „Salon Medieval" with Norbert Rodenkirchen, Benjamin Bagby, Eric Mentzel and Wolgang Klein Richter. Together with Norbert Rodenkirchen he created New Music on medieval instruments like "Hidden Fresco" (debut CD 2005) and Loplop´s Call (CD release 2013). In 2014 Albrecht Maurer and Norbert Rodenkirchen played a new program "Musique Au Temps D´ Albert Le Grand" in Musée de Cluny in Paris.

Albrecht Maurer did more than 60 radio recordings and about 25 CDs. Recently he appears on Rivière Composers' Pool "Summerworks" (2010), Lucian Ban & John Herbert /"Enesco Re–Imagined" (2010) and Jörgensmann & Maurer "Melencolia" (2011) and Maurer Ban Maneri "Fantasm" (winter 2014/15).