Heretical Angels

Franck Alfirevic's video report on our programme Heretical Angels and the genesis of Katarina Livljanic's musical project.

Katarina Livljanić invited on France Musique

On June 6, Katarina Livljanic was interviewed in the radio show "Générations France Musique" moderated by Clément Rochefort! You can also hear some excerpts from our record Barlaam & Josaphat.

Listen to the radio show here

The Early Music Podcast

Listen to Katarina Livljanic's interview made on June 2nd on the REMA early music podcast. Dedicated to the development of early music in Europe at the time of Charlemagne. Thanks to the diversity of local traditions, a common European heritage was born.  Listen here

Barlaam & Josaphat, seventh episode

In our weekly episode of Barlaam & Josaphat, we invite you to discover the excerpts of the legend from the premiere of our performance at the Musée Guimet last May, staged by Yoshi Oida, with videos by Tom Schenk.