Discover our new video!

The video of our programme was made during the premiere at the festival Laus Polyphoniae in Antwerp on August 23, 2018.

Premiere in 2018: Kokla Kokabula

Katarina Livljanić collaborates again with Thierry Pécou and Ensemble Variances. She was commissioned to create the piece Kokla Kokabula, inspired by the healing rituals of medieval Dalmatia and Istria.

Premiere in 2018: Nexus Winchester

Our new programme tells the story about a very special day when the canons of Winchester Cathedral were expelled by the bishop Aethelwold, and replaced by monks from Abingdon.

New programme 2017 : La Belle Époque… médiévale

Dialogos is happy to present the trailer of its new programme "La Belle Epoque… médiévale". It will be premiered at the Dubrovnik Festival in Croatia on 21st August 2017.