Buddha, a Christian Saint?

Barlaam et Josaphat

Ensemble Dialogos

Katarina Livljanić: voice

Albrecht Maurer: fiddle, rebec

Norbert Rodenkirchen: flutes, harp

Musical reconstruction and text adaptation: Katarina Livljanić

Instrumental reconstructions: Norbert Rodenkirchen & Albrecht Maurer

Direction: Katarina Livljanić

This recording has been realised in Köln, Kunst Station, Sank-Peter 3 in Germany from 3rd to 6th December 2016.

Artistic direction, recording, editing and mastering: Jean-Marc Laisné.

Coproduced by Dialogos and Outhere Music France. Arcana, A458

You can purchase the CD here.

The CD is also available online on Qobuz, Deezer, Spotify and Itunes as well as on usual digital platforms.

This project is a unique new experience: a multimedia e-book, in French and English, is included in this CD. It tells the story of Barlaam & Josaphat and leads the listener/reader through one of the most intriguing labyrinths of medieval world. Through the rich and original video, audio and iconographic material, it opens the doors into the artistic creative process which transformed a medieval legend into a musical performance.

You can find a code in the booklet to download the free E-Book that accompanies the CD.


  1. Anonymous - Era in quel tempo d'India signore 11:55
  2. Anonymous - Quinsainne apries 08:30
  3. Anonymous - Nempe senex quidam, vir sanctus nomine Barlaam 00:50
  4. Anonymous - I poyde Barlaam na urata od Palaca 05:47
  5. Anonymous - E si tu aguessas huelhs esperitals (The Parable of the Nightingale) 04:30
  6. Anonymous - Iviron Incantations (I) (Instrumental) 03:19
  7. Anonymous - Варлам же глагола (The Parable of the Unicorn) 07:12
  8. Anonymous - Li fils le roi li respondi 08:52
  9. Anonymous - I chada chragl bise razumi 02:00
  10. Anonymous - Taῦta oὖn πάντα 05:38
  11. Anonymous - Iviron Incantations (II) (Instrumental) 02:54
  12. Anonymous - Ke fol sont li Egyptiien 04:13