Music, wars and liturgy at Monte Cassino and in southern Italy in the Middle Ages


Diapason d'or
Choc du Monde de la Musique
10 by Répertoire
5 stars by Goldberg

Musical Sample

Dixit Isaac patri suo

Directed by Katarina Livljanić

Voices: Branislav Rakić, Michael Loughlin Smith, Benjamin Bagby, Olivier Delafosse, Vincent Pislar

Published by Charlotte and Michel Bernstein, Édition Arcana. CD: A319

You can purchase the disc in digital here.

Recorded at the church of Saint Jean de Côle, Dordogne, France, March 15 to 19, 2002, by Michel Bernstein and Charlotte Gilart de Kerenflec'h

  1. Ubi est Abel frater tuus (Responsory)
    Monte Cassino, ms. 542 (12th c.)
  2. Doxa en ipsistis / Gloria (Antiphon)
    Benevento, ms. 40 (11th c.)
  3. Excommunicatio Leonis papae (Répons)
    Monte Cassino, ms. 451 (11th c.), musical reconstruction: Katarina Livljanić
  4. Convertimini (Responsory)
    Monte Cassino, ms. 542 (12th c.)
  5. Movens igitur Abraham (Responsory)
    Monte Cassino, ms. 542 (12th c.)
  6. Dixit Isaac patri suo (Responsory)
    Monte Cassino, ms. 542 (12th c.)
  7. Canticum trium puerorum (Canticle)
    Benevento, ms. 33 (11th c.)
  8. Caminus ardebat (Antiphon and canticle)
    Monte Cassino, ms. 542 (12th c.)
  9. Admonitio
    Vatican, Urb. lat. 602 (11th-12th c.)
  10. Kyrie. Auctor celorum
    Vatican, Urb.lat. 602 (11th-12th c.)
  11. Gloria. Cives superni
    Vatican, Urb.lat. 602 (11th-12th c.)
  12. De canto romano vel ambrosiano
    Monte Cassino, ms, 318 (11th c.), musical recosntruction: Katarina Livljanić and Benjamin Bagby
  13. Cantemus canticum (Sequence)
    Benevento, ms. 35 (12th c.)