In the year 2014, which celebrates the 800th anniversary of the birth of Saint Louis, the ensemble Dialogos and the Schola Royaumont will embark on a project to reveal the astonishing musical heritage of 13th-century Paris.

The title of the programme refers to the Speculum maius ('The Great Mirror'), an encyclopedic work whose authorship is attributed to Vincent de Beauvais, an intellectual close to Saint Louis. The king himself, desiring to systematically collect the knowledge of his time, gave the order that this long-term project (1240-60) be undertaken by the Cistercians of the Abbey of Royaumont and the Dominicans of Saint-Jacques de Paris. It is a summa, one of the most important collections of all Western knowledge from this period.

This new programme invites you to discover the rich polyphonic conductus linked to important moments in the life of Saint Louis or of his ancestors, as well as the monophonic ornamented and virtuosic chant of the famed Office de Saint Louis, composed to celebrate the feast of the sainted king, created shortly after his canonisation.